Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sox 1912 World Series Trophy To Be Auctioned

The 1912 Gonfalon
It's not just the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park—it's also the centennial of the first Red Sox World Championship in Fenway Park. You haven't heard too much about this historic event since there isn't much marketing value in it. Nevertheless, there will be some value in the anniversary for New Jersey-based Red Sox fan Robert Fraser. The real estate broker owns the 1912 series trophy and will auction it off at Camden Yards on August 2nd. Word is it will fetch $300,000—not a bad haul over the $74,000 Fraser paid for it. Can we pry the attention of the NOG away from tonight's Liverpool-Roma match long enough to suggest—ever so delicately—that they fork over the three hundred gees and put the trophy where it belongs?