Monday, July 9, 2012

NOG's 'Kiss In The Mail' Tax Break From Feds

When you're trying to balance your household budget this Summer, just remind yourself that the New Ownership Group (NOG) over at Yawkey Way has just gotten a sweet new windfall of tax breaks from the federal government. Now that Fenway Park ('America's Most Cramped Ballpark') is officially on the National Register Of Historic Places, the owners of your mighty .500 ballclub can now claim "federal historic rehabilitation tax credits" from the feds—to the tune of $80 million! Isn't that special? This should make you feel a lot better about the 400-pound guy sitting next to you in your 1912-sized wooden seat. And don't sweat the fact that you can't actually see second base behind that 1912 pole—it's an historic obstruction now. So chill.