Monday, July 9, 2012

Most Would Nix 'Sweet Caroline' When Losing

Should We "Lose" 'Sweet Caroline' When The Sox Are Losing?
In early voting, a majority of readers responding to our latest FenwayNation Poll (54.9%) agree with idea of not singing 'Sweet Caroline' when the Red Sox are losing in the eighth inning. As the table shows, 40.8% "strongly" agree and another 14.1% "somewhat" agree. On the flip side, a total of 45.1% disagree with squelching Caroline—29.6% "strongly" and 15.5% "somewhat". Several people—including some in the media like WEEI's Pete Sheppard—have suggested the action, since the Pink Hat carnival atmosphere seems a little out of place when the Olde Towne Team is getting shellacked. Apparently, a majority of our readers agree. You can still vote on this vital issue by clicking HERE.