Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Big Deal If NOG Cashes Out And Skips Town

Based on the early results of our latest FenwayNation Poll, the overwhelming percentage of our readers would not mind if the current Red Sox ownership cashed out with their $2 billion sale of the team and split town. If fact, exactly half of those responding to our poll (50.0%) said they would be "not upset at all" with the NOG's departure, while another 26.1% said they wouldn't be "too upset". Thus, more than three of every four readers (76.1%) could not care less if Henry, Werner and Lucchino headed off into the sunset. Less than one-quarter of our sample (23.9%) expressed any degree of remorse over the NOG leaving town—with a scant 6.5% saying they'd be "very upset". You can still vote in the poll HERE.