Monday, July 2, 2012

Will Middlebrooks Tweaks Hammy, May Be Out

Is Middlebrooks Headed To DL? (Getty Images)
If there's one thing that could spoil a perfectly lovely summer morning, it's news that Will Middlebrooks in injured. Unfortunately, that may just be the case, as the third base phenom tweaked his hamstring stealing second in Sunday's win over the Mariners. At this point, the Red Sox do not know whether it's a mild strain or a tear—or how long the kid might be out. This, of course, would be a devastating blow to the team as it moves toward the All-Star break with huge games looming against the Empire. Boston may have to scramble to add a corner infielder—or face a combo of Punto and Lillibridge (Yikes!). Some names that have been bandied about are Brandon Inge, Casey McGehee, Jeff Baker, Chase Headley and John McDonald. Wait, don't the White Sox have a guy??.....Uh, never mind.