Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Review: "Fenway Fever" by John H. Ritter

Review by Susan Richards. Geared towards readers aged 9 to 12 years, this book really is a treat for readers of all ages. Although baseball is a major focus, Ritter combines the genres of family drama, fantasy and mystery to create this delightful, page-turner of a story.

The plot revolves around  12 year-old Alfredo Pagano, otherwise known as "Stats" because of his love of all the baseball data he avidly collects.  He has inherited a genetic heart condition which has stunted his growth and prevented him from actually playing the sport he so loves.  He works at his family's hot dog stand outside Fenway alongside his father, "Pops", and older brother Mark.  The death of his mother, a couple years earlier, has severely impacted all three members of the family.

Ritter combines several plot lines. Will the troubled hotdog stand survive?  Will Mark make the youth All-Star Game that is taking place in Fenway Park? How will Stats deal with his worsening heart condition?... And finally, can Stats and his good friend, Red Sox pitcher, Billee "Spacebird" Orbitt discover what the new Red Sox curse is and reverse it in time to stop the latest Sox team decline?   

With the 100th anniversary of Fenway celebration as a backdrop, all these plot questions are very satisfyingly explored and ultimately answered with the help of a cast of appealing (and often very quirky) characters and yes....even a little magic.
You can purchase Fenway Fever HERE.