Thursday, June 21, 2012

Was Bobby V. Told To Apologize To Youkilis?

Leon Halip/Getty Images
According to a report by's Sean McAdam, someone in the hierarchy above manager Bobby Valentine told him to apologize to Kevin Youkilis for his comments about the player's physical and emotional "commitment". In fact, he did apologize. In the aftermath, Dustin Pedroia famously called out his manager by saying he had to learn how things were done in Boston.

While McAdam acknowledges that Buster Olney's "toxic" reference is probably overstated, he does maintain that his sources suggest: "a handful of alienated players, a detached manager, an absentee ownership and a general manager caught in-between." Sources have told FenwayNation that a prominent former MLB player who has had exposure to the situation agrees that, in fact, the player-manager vibe is (to be charitable) not a good one.

So, despite the denials from players, there is likely some degree of tension among the various elements in the mix. And, frankly, it makes sense. Youkilis, after having his focus questioned, is now the constant focus of trade talk. Adrian Gonzalez is being jerked all over the diamond as his offense continues to slide. Dustin Pedroia is clearly not the manager's biggest fan and doesn't like being held out of the line-up. Beckett is unrepentant. On and on it goes. But, in our view, it's mostly the nearly complete detachment of the NOG. One would think they'd want "Valentine to be Valentine" (the anti-Tito), and yet someone in authority apparently instructed Bobby to go outside his comfort zone and say "sorry" to a player. Essentially, they're paying attention to the wrong "pitch", and it's starting to show throughout the organization.