Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Modest Proposal For Babe And Cy

One of the most hallowed traditions of the Boston Red Sox is retiring the numbers of those players who have had a lasting impact on the franchise. So far, the team has honored just seven—other than the MLB-wide honoring of the great Jackie Robinson. Doerr, Cronin, Pesky, Yaz, Ted, Rice and Fisk are forever memorialized along the right field facade. But—other than living legends Dwight Evans and Wade Boggs—there are two other deserving players whose careers with the Carmine Hose pre-dated the wearing of numbers.
They are, of course, Cy Young (perhaps the greatest pitcher ever) and Babe Ruth (perhaps the greatest hitter ever). So, is the only reason they're not up there the fact that they had no identifying number on their back? That would be a pretty lame excuse. So, we offer up a solution: Add two 'Circles Of Honor' in right—emblazoned with the universally recognized names of "Cy" and "Babe". Simple. And who could deny the historic impact both of these men had on the team? It's long overdue, it would be cool, and it's the right thing to do. Calling Dr. Charles!