Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They Did It Lavarn-Way

Maybe the Red Sox heard the clarion call to 'win one for the Pesky' on his 92nd birthday. In any event, they hung on for a heart-stopping 8-7 win over Baltimore that kept them alive for at least one more day in this Passion Play called the 2011 season.

Ryan Lavarnway, playing only because Satly and Tek are injured, homered twice and knocked in four to essentially win the game single-handedly. How amazing is that? The kid also threw out a runner at third, and made a key assist on a tough bunt play.

Alfredo Aceves, the zombie-armed reliever, won his 10th game on the year, pitching on his third straight day.

There are no more superlatives left for this Black September—now Lester has to get us at least to Tampa on Thursday and maybe more.