Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best Collpase Ever

Memo to all the Pink Hats and front-runners who've come on board since 2004:

This is what it was like.

The Red Sox consummated the greatest September collapse in baseball history as only this franchise can. With excruciating, inexplicable agony. Up 3-2 in the 9th, with 2 outs and none on, Jonathan Papelbon blew only his 3rd save of the year—but it was the biggest.

The game-winning sinking line drive to left would have been caught by the mocked Manny Ramirez, but the $142 million Carl Crawford muffed it and threw a lollipop home as the season melted away. Moments later, a clutch player (Evan Longoria) on a clutch team (the Wild Card champ Rays) euthanized this sorry $162 million lot.

Absolutely disgraceful. I hope John Henry was watching his beloved Liverpool soccer team.