Saturday, September 17, 2011

Handle With Care(less)

There's nothing worse than spending a boatload of cash to sit with the 'beautiful people' of the State Street Pavilion and watching The Olde Towne Team lose. For starters, the pulse-less patrons of the elite seats apparently don't know how to cheer or boo, so the atmosphere just is not what you get in, say, Section 25 of the grandstands.

In any event, the Red Sox lost an opportunity to maroon the Rays on 'October Golf Island' by losing a 4-3 stinker on Saturday. A passed ball allowed the winning run to score on ball four—inexcusable. Jacoby Ellsbury made the last out of an inning trying to steal third—inexcusable. Dustin Pedroia left the tying run at third—a little less inexcuable. The overall tenor of the game is one we have seen a lot of lately—carelessness. This is not the mark of a championship team.

Onto Sunday and Price vs. Wakefield. Yikes.