Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fenway Park—The Centennial

REVIEW: Those of you who have read our book reviews over the years know that we don't much care for fluffy "coffee table books". It's OK for a book to have some pretty 'coffee table' attributes—but it had better have substance, too!

In Saul Wisnia's Fenway Park: The Centennial—100 Years of Red Sox Baseball, beauty and substance emanate from every page. In addition to over 200 stunning photographs, the informative text and illuminating quotes make it the definitive history of 'America's Most Beloved Ballpark'.

Wisnia has written sports for both the Washington Post and the Boston Herald, and now is a senior publications editor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

From rare photos of Babe Ruth talking with adoring kids to amazing photos of Boston's pro football Yanks and Redskins, this book will have you entertained and informed—the best of all worlds.
You even get an "Inside The Monster" look at the most famous feature of the old yard—the anachronistic mechanical scoreboard. As if the images and narrative weren't enough, you also get a DVD tucked into the book jacket that is a comprehensive documentary narrated by Carlton Fisk. That's worth the price of admission alone!

You'll be proud to display this book on your coffee table, and prouder still to have your friends actually read it. It is a joy. We recommend it highly. You can purchase Fenway Park: The Centennial online HERE.