Monday, July 18, 2011

FN Book Review: Cardboard Gods

Don't judge Josh Wilker's book, 'Cardboard Gods', by its cover. This is much more than a lyrical romp through the collective memory of iconic baseball cards. It's a fascinating look at how those same cards can be a metaphor for the various stages of a person's life.

Wilker traces the significance of each card (59 of them beautifully displayed throughout the book) on a particular moment in his childhood and/or adult development. These include his coming to grips with his "hippie" household lifestyle (his Mom's "main squeeze" was a roving blacksmith in Vermont) or his rivalry/love for his brother. All is explained through the lens of a Yaz card or a Buckner card or (hilariously) a Rowland Office card.

This is a gem of a book—far from your typical tome on baseball. We recommend it highly.