Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fascination With J.D. Drew

Before the $70 million acquisition of our current right-fielder, the great Bob Ryan famously asked GM Theo Epstein:

"What's the fascination, if it is true, with J.D. Drew?"

Indeed. While he delivered a salami in the 2007 ALCS, maintained a high on-base percentage during his Boston tenure, and has been an above-average defender, he has not been worth $14 million a year.

As his offensive numbers diminish across the board in 2011, it's painfully obvious that Josh Reddick is a better option—at least while he maintains his torrid pace. Even if Reddick is traded, whomever comes over in the deal (Beltran/Francouer/Cuddyer/Ludwick) has to start over Drew.

Effectively, his Sox career is over—two and one-half months early. If the Sox are to contend to the end, they have to either sit him or release him.