Friday, July 22, 2011

The Bard Of Awesome

Even if you're just a casual Red Sox fan, you've probably gotten the sense that Daniel Bard is having a pretty good year. Well, in fact, it's been an historic one.

As the Globe's Peter Abraham points out, Bard has cobbled together the longest scoreless appearance streak in Red Sox history—21 outings. The availability of what is—functionally—closer #1 and closer # 2 is a huge bonus for Terry Francona. And he has used that bonus with great frequency and success this year. Opposing batters are hitting only .108 during the 21-game run and he has now added a 'change-up slider' to his repertoire. So, after you weather his 100-mph fastball, you just might see an 81-mph slurve. Good luck.

With Papelbon's possible Boras-induced departure next year, at least we know we have a legitimate closer-in-waiting in Daniel Bard.