Thursday, April 7, 2011

NOG Empowers Drunken Cretins

So much for the vaunted 'community responsibility' of the New Ownership Group. Not satisfied with bilking fans for swill-like beer, they will now be purveyors of hard alcohol in the main concession areas of Fenway. No longer will screwdrivers and margaritas be the exclusive province of the bow-tied elite in the luxury boxes. Now, the little man will also be able to partake of over-priced booze—and make even greater fools of themselves in front of the 'family' crowd at Fenway. Like it's not bad enough to have an endless pink-hatted parade of two-fisted beer drinkers (and their male counterparts) constantly going back and forth to the trough? Now, we'll have Mr. Jack Daniels and his followers to contend with.

Does the NOG have no shame? And how about 'Mayor For Life' Menino? Could he possibly suck up to them any more than he already has? After feigning disapproval of the idea a while back, he, of course, caved. Way to show some backbone for your citizenry, Mr. May-Yuh!