Monday, November 29, 2010

Earth To NOG: Focus!

As Eric Wilbur has courageously pointed out in the Globe, the Red Sox Emperor has no clothes. As we have been saying for a while, the preoccupation with soccer and racing has had a negative impact on what we thought was the NOG's primary mission: baseball. They let their best pure hitter walk for a fraction of the $450 million they unloaded on the Liverpool soccer franchise. They have been the "Stand Pat Sox" this off-season, while the prospects for 2011 look more and more like "Bridge Year II".

The natives are getting restless, but they seem to be blissfully unaware of it (I'll refrain from the obvious political analogy to their heroes in Washington). Moreover, John Henry has sniped at Wilbur from his Twitter account. How clueless are these guys? As Christmas approaches without any significant improvement in an 89-win also-ran club, somebody has got to tell the Emperor he is naked.