Sunday, April 12, 2020

FenwayNation POLL: MLB's 2-State Plan For '20 Season Gets More Support

Early results to our latest FenwayNation POLL suggest that MLB's new plan to have an abbreviated 2020 season in two Spring Training locales garners far more support than their earlier Arizona-only idea. As the chart shows, more than six in ten readers (62%) support this new plan, while 38% remain opposed. Essentially, under this new plan, all 30 teams would play a shortened schedule in the state where they have their Spring Training facilities. League and division alignments would be completely re-shuffled to match the geographic alignments in each state. For example, the Red Sox and Yankees would be in different Florida divisions. While a post-season scenario remains unclear, there would likely be shortened play-off rounds—leading to a World Series (a match-up of the top team in each state) The series would take place in a domed, neutral stadium (probably in November). You can still vote in this poll HERE.