Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Red Sox Introduce New "Socially Distant" Team Logo

We're not sure if we like or hate the idea—but you have to admit it's novel. The Red Sox announced on their official TWITTER feed a new "socially distant profile pic" that disentangles the "socks" of the old logo. Part of us wants to mock this as the NOG's typical political correctness (to go along with disgusting kale showing up in Fenway food). But another part of us wants to applaud the ownership for lightening up the current somber mood with an idea that actually does encourage smart behavior on the part of their fans. So, as we try to weather the vast empty desert that is Baseball 2020, even little reminders of what will come are more than welcome. It might only be a partial season, but it's looking more and more that it will be some form of season at least. Who knows, by May we might be actually talking about whether Andrew Benintendi can really lead-off all year or whether we have any starting pitching beyond Eduardo Rodriguez? We can only hope.