Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Red Sox Triple-A Affiliate Will Now Officially Be The Worcester 'Woo Sox'

You knew it was coming. There really was no other choice for the nick-name of the Red Sox AAA affiliate—once it announced its imminent move from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Worcester, Massachusetts. It will be (ta-da) the "Woo Sox". When they open the 2021 season at the brand new Polar Park, it will be with their new logo as well—Smiley Ball (with apologies to Drew). The logo is a little goofy—but it includes the original "smiley face" (yes, that one) that garnered world-wide fame. It was invented in Worcester as a promotion themes for a local insurance company. The official announcement came on Monday night—after a year-long campaign that reached out to fans for the new nick-name. So, all the local color is in place for the Renaissance of a minor-league franchise. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that another of the team's great minor-league franchises—the Lowell Spinner—might be contracted from MLB's lineup.