Friday, October 25, 2019

Tampa's Chaim Bloom Is The Likely Choice As New Red Sox General Manager

Chaim Bloom (Getty Images)
The Red Sox franchise faces a transitional moment rivaled only by the 'revolution' of 2002—when Theo Epstein came aboard. So, the word that Tampa's Chaim Bloom is about to be named as Boston's new General Manager says a lot about the direction that John Henry wants his club to take. Bloom's strengths are: farm system development, roster/payroll flexibility and grooming starting pitching—all of which Boston desperately needs. As Henry slashes the Boston payroll to $208 million—likely parting with both Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez, he needs another Ivy League-trained wunderkind to keep fan anger at bay. We need to know that there is a plan—not the short-term spasms of Dave Dombrowski—to keep us all engaged and hopeful. Bloom has led a Tampa organization that continually defies the odds—turning minuscule payrolls into 96-win seasons. His magic elixir should be even more effective with one of the top salaries in Major League Baseball at his disposal (even after Henry's Luxury Tax slash and burn). Bloom is the right guy at the right time. It is an excellent move.