Monday, July 1, 2019

Red Sox Suffer Two Defeats To Empire In Humiliating Lost Weekend In UK

(Getty Images)
Well, let's hope there was some residual positive effect on the game of baseball overall. Because, for Red Sox fans, The 2019 London Series was an embarrassing disaster. Pushed to 11 games behind The Evil Ones by the cartoonish 17-13 and 12-8 defeats, Boston fans are debating whether their team (just four games over .500) should be buyers or sellers at the Trade Deadline—just 30 days away. The one incontrovertible fact is that the Red Sox bullpen is completely inept. The inability to secure a true closer—Craig Kimbrel or someone else—has had a cascading effect on the relief corps. Overworked and under-talented, they have presented manager Alex Cora with a (Butch) Hobson's Choice all season long. Being humiliated on an international stage is no way to sustain a fan base. The natives were already restless, they are now becoming mutinous. There is one culprit here: Dave Dombrowski.