Monday, June 10, 2019

Surgeons Removed Internal Organ Parts From David Ortiz After Shooting

(Getty Images)
In a shocking revelation, surgeons in the Dominican Republic had to remove portions of David Ortiz's internal organs to stop the bleeding from a shooting on Sunday. CNN reports the following details:

"David Ortiz was 'bleeding from his liver' and had portions of his organs removed after the shooting, according to Ortiz's assistant Leo Lopez. During surgery last night, doctors told his family and assistant that "portions of his intestines, colon and his gallbladder [was] taken out" to stop the bleeding, Lopez told CNN. Lopez is at the Dominican Republic hospital with Ortiz's father and sisters, while the former ballplayer remains in intensive care, he said.  The family is waiting to speak to medical staff and hopes to move Ortiz to a hospital in the US as soon as doctors allow. Lopez said Ortiz's wife is in the US at this time."

Ortiz was shot last night at a disco in the Dominican Republic. Stay tuned for further details on Big Papi's condition.