Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Confusion Over London Series On-Field Hats "Cleared Up" By MLB

Leave it to Major League Baseball to "royally" screw-up a good thing. The upcoming June series between the Red Sox and The Evil Ones in London is the first time a regular-season baseball game has been played in Europe. Originally, the teams were to wear Union Jack-styled on-field hats—with a cute little crown on the back. Then, controversy erupted. Maybe something about Lexington, Concord, The Boston Massacre, and Redcoats? We're not sure. Anyway, now, the players will wear their regular caps—with a bland "MLB London Series 19" logo on the side. Fans can still purchase the Union Jack/Crown hats (hey, money is money to Rob Manfred)—but you won't see them on the artificial turf. Which reminds us, MLB says there isn't enough time to put down real grass in London. So for the first time in their long history, the Red Sox and Yankees will play on fake grass. Heresy! Grounds for another Boston Tea Party!