Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Red Sox Owner Henry Takes A 'Haircut' On His Opulent Florida Mega-Mansion

OK, now we can have some empathy for billionaire Red Sox owner John Henry. The poor guy had to cut the asking price for his over-the-top Florida mega-mansion from $25 million to $15 million. A $10 million haircut! Oh, the humanity! Heaven forfend—maybe the fake-injury budget for his foreign soccer team will now have to be slashed as well. Back in November, Henry listed the lakefront property for $25 million—having purchased it back in 1991 for a mere $650,000. That's why this dude made his fortune on soybean futures—he knows how to make a profit. And, apparently, he also knows when to retreat on a ridiculous asking price on real estate. We're looking forward to any Open House opportunities—you know, the home-basked cookies and lemonade. Stay tuned!