Sunday, April 14, 2019

Porcello Continues 'Ugly Ricky' Streak, Gets Pounded By O's, Sox Lose, 9-5

(Getty Images)
The confounding streak of crappy Red Sox starting pitching performances continued on Saturday, as Rick Porcello stunk up the park again. The former Cy Young-winner went just four innings—giving up three earned runs while walking five Orioles in the eventual 9-5 loss. Porcello's ERA is now an astounding 11.12. The Red Sox offense tried to recover again—with Christian Vazquez leading the way (2-4, HR, 4 RBIs). But, alas, the bullpen was also inept—with Colten Brewer alone giving up four earned runs in 0.0 innings of work (nice job!). So, your 2018 World Series Champion Red Sox are now tied for last place again—with a pathetic 5-10 record. David Price, The Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.