Friday, April 12, 2019

FAA Is Investigating Drone That Flew Over Fenway Park On Thursday Night

It actually slowed down the game a little bit last night—when players noticed the drone flying over the Fenway Park outfield. It was kind of humorous to the players, fans and broadcasters—but not to your Federal Aviation Administration. No, indeed! Said the agency on Friday, "The FAA is investigating a report that a drone flew over Fenway Park during a baseball game last night. Flying drones in and around stadiums is prohibited starting one hour before and ending one hour after the scheduled game." Once they find the perpetrator, he or she could go to jail for up to three years, and be fined anywhere from $32,666 (for civil penalties) to $250,000 (for criminal penalties). So, some loser who likes to play around with toy aircraft might be "droning" their pathetic life away in federal prison soon. Serves them right— you don't screw around with baseball like that!