Monday, March 18, 2019

Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia To Open The 2019 Season On The Disabled List

The suits at MLB may call it the "injured list" these days—but it's still the DL to us. And, now (not really surprisingly) we find that Dustin Pedroia will start the 2019 season on the dreaded disabled list. The news came down this morning and confirmed the fears of everyone in Red Sox Nation—that The Muddy Chicken would again be out of action and away from the team. Having played just three games in the 2018 championship season, the 35-year-old Pedroia had hoped that his re-structured knee would hold up to multiple games in a row in Spring Training. So much for that plan. The Red Sox continue the fiction that there was "no setback"—but most fans can see through the Yawkey Way smoke-and-mirror machine. Inexplicably, The Laser Show will continue to play through games in Spring Training—then return to Fort Myers once the Grapefruit League schedule ends. How weird is that? Stay tuned for further updates.