Tuesday, March 12, 2019

POLL: Nearly Six In Ten 'Very Concerned' With Lack Of Established Sox Closer

Results from our latest FenwayNation Poll show that nearly six in ten readers (59%) say they are 'very concerned' that the Red Sox have no established closer—with just sixteen days until their first regular season game. Another 28% say they are 'somewhat concerned' —meaning a total of 87% express some degree of concern. As the chart shows, just 10% say they are 'not really that concerned', and only 2% say they are 'not concerned at all'. Boston's bullpen seems woefully inadequate to mount a World Series defense—obviously making many fans antsy about the ability to close out wins. Meanwhile, Craig Kimbrel—one of the best closers in MLB history—remains un-signed. You can still vote in the poll HERE.