Sunday, March 3, 2019

Muddy Chicken Could Make 2019 Debut Next Weekend If All Goes Well

Dustin Pedroia, who missed all but three games in the 2018 Championship season, is slated to make his first Spring game appearance next weekend. That is, if all goes well with his balky knee at tomorrow's workout. According to manager Alex Cora, that workout will include "everything"—ground balls, hitting and running. In October of 2017, The Laser Show underwent left knee cartilage restoration surgery—which he now regrets doing. Said Cora, "We have to (mark) all the check points. Workload and moving around. Spring training gives you a lot of information. So we’re tracking that and comparing with other players. And there’s a lot of factors that go in. We feel like hopefully if everything goes well on Monday, we’ll set a date towards the end of the week." Stay tuned for further Muddy Chicken updates during the upcoming week.