Monday, February 4, 2019

No Rest For The Championship Weary: Sox Equipment Truck Heads Out Today

(Red Sox photo)
No sooner had your 2018 Super Bowl Champions hangover subsided than you find out that the 2018 World Series Champions' equipment truck is headed to Florida today. That's right, it's Truck Day. The 1,500-mile journey from Yawkey Way (AKA Jersey Street) to Fort Myers begins this morning. Of course, a local guy (Al Hartz of Milford, Massachusetts) will drive the truck—as he has for the last 21 years. Not a bad Winter gig. The haul includes: 20,000 baseballs; 1,100 cases of bubble gum; 60 cases of sunflower seeds; 1,100 bats; 400 t-shirts and pairs of socks (among a lot of other cargo). All aboard!