Tuesday, February 26, 2019

FOCO's New Game of Thrones X MLB-Themes Bobblehead Are Here!

Well, it was inevitable, right? One of the biggest television events would pair up with one of the biggest sports. Our good friends at FOCO (Forever Collectibles) are releasing a new line of Game Of Thrones bobbleheads—with an MLB theme. We are privileged to among the first who will get to see the Red Sox version of the bobbleheads (stay tuned for our review!). In the meantime, the accompanying photo is a little teaser of how great these products will be. This brand-new cross licensed series features fan favorite MLB players and mascots as well as Game of Thrones characters and settings from the award-winning HBO series. All 30 MLB teams are represented in the first series which launches online today at FOCO.com for pre-order. The first series includes three distinct bobblehead styles merging the two worlds and features: The Iron Throne, the Ice Dragon and the Night King. The Iron Throne Bobbleheads depict MLB stars and mascots sitting upon a detailed recreation of the iconic Iron Throne. Each player or mascot holds a sword and sits beside a banner featuring Game of Thrones® imagery and MLB team logos.