Friday, January 4, 2019

With 37.1% Of The Ballots In, Schilling Still Has A Real Shot At Hall Of Fame

(Getty Images)
There have been many naysayers along the way—claiming that his vote totals would drop precipitously—but Curt Schilling is still very much in the hunt for induction into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame. With 37.1% of all ballots now publicly-known, Schilling is pulling down 72.5% of the vote—needing 75% for enshrinement at Cooperstown. Now that 153 of the 412 total ballots are known, it's intriguing that Schilling has pretty much maintained a level of support in excess of 72% all the way through the public vote process. Clearly, this could change dramatically, but the consistency of his support so far argues against that. He may fall just short—but this is just his seventh year on the Hall Of Fame ballot, so even coming very close augurs well for the next three years of his eligibility. You can track the public votes of all the potential inductees HERE.