Friday, January 18, 2019

Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Is Waffling On Visiting White House In February

(Getty Images)
Red Sox manager Alex Cora is re-thinking his personal attendance at the team's White House ceremony next month. Cora has been displeased with the government attempt to divert disaster-recovery funds for Puerto Rico to help fund a border wall with Mexico. As of this moment, Cora is still going, telling USAToday: "Right now I can say yes. It might change tomorrow." Cora also stated, "In the offseason I was like ‘whoa.’ It’s different right now back home. Not only for me but for my family. So we’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll represent them the right way. We’ll have to wait." The Red Sox had seemingly gone out of their way—particularly via comments by team President Sam Kennedy—to make the visit non-political. Things seemed to be progressing smoothly until these latest comments by the skipper. Stay tuned.