Friday, January 25, 2019

Red Sox Are Still Playing 'Cat And Mouse' On Paying For More Bullpen Help

(Getty Images)
Clearly, the Red Sox are still in 'bluff mode' over whether they are willing to spend what's necessary to get a serviceable 2019 bullpen. Dave Dombrowski has been uttering unintelligible things like this: "I don’t really. I mean, I would gather that if we did anything they would be bullpen orientated. That’s where we lost a couple guys. But we do like some of the people we have in our pen, some guys coming back....So that’s the one area where you keep an open mind to. I don’t anticipate a large expenditure there. I think it would be more big league roster invites and see if they could make the club. Of course you keep a pulse on everything taking place and if there’s one area, that would be it." Thanks for clearing that up, DD! OK, so no large expenditure (translation: forget Craig Kimbrel?). Or, keep a pulse on everything (translation: we don't want to go over the luxury tax threshold, but we're so close, why not get Kimbrel anyway?) Who knows? Like we said, 'bluff mode'. Stay tuned!