Tuesday, December 11, 2018

With 33 Public HOF Ballots In, Curt Schilling Still Within Range Of Induction

(Getty Images)
The public ballots are now up to 33 (albeit still only 8% of the total number of 412), and Red Sox legend Curt Schilling continues to hold his own. The 2004 hero now draws 72.7% of the public vote—appearing on 24 of the 33 ballots. To be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, a player needs 75% of the writers' vote. For comparative purposes, both Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have lost ground since the last time we checked on the public vote (dropping below 70%)—while Schilling is still well within striking distance of magic 75% threshold. If this trend continues, Schilling will have a legitimate shot at making it to Cooperstown this year. Again, 92% of the vote is yet to be accounted for, so things can obviously change radically. But the fact that he is holding his own as new public votes are added is a encouraging. Stay tuned as the public votes mount!