Thursday, December 13, 2018

Is WEEI Considering A "Talk Show" Format For Red Sox Radio Broadcasts?

In what would clearly be the dumbest idea since New Coke, the Red Sox "flagship" radio station—WEEI—is apparently at least considering moving to a "talk show" format for game broadcasts. My first thought was: thank goodness I have Sirius/XM Radio, so I can switch to the broadcast of whoever the Red Sox are playing that day. Good grief! Are the executives at Entercom (the parent company of WEEI) already smoking what has recently become legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? According to a tweet this morning by The Boston Globe's Chad Finn, "WEEI is going ahead with plans to do the talk-show format during its Red Sox broadcast. Saw the job posting sent to staatalentDOTcom subscribers last night." Of course, WEEI has quickly denied the moronic idea, tweet-firing back, "This [the Finn report] is not true. If you checked with me I could've told you that. The only thing I sent to StaaTalent was a reply confirming that the job was open and people can apply." Hopefully, Finn's good reporting has shot down what was clearly—at minimum—a trial-balloon for a wicked stupid idea. Let's hope Entercom execs are back to smoking regular tobacco.