Friday, December 14, 2018

Red Sox And Evil Ones Will Square-Off In A Night Game In London June 29th

Major League Baseball has announced that the first of two games in London between the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees will take place at night local time on June 29th. The second contest will be an afternoon tilt local time on Sunday June 30th. Both games will be televised back to the United States—on Saturday by FOX (6:10 PM local time; 1:10 PM Eastern) and on Sunday by ESPN (3:10 PM local time; 10:10 AM Eastern). Both contests are treated as "home games" for Boston—cheating many Red Sox season-ticket holders out of two games at Fenway Park. The two games will be played at London's Olympic Stadium—the home venue of the West Ham United soccer team of the English Premier League (EPL). Red Sox owner John Henry also owns EPL's Liverpool franchise. Both Jackie Bradley, Jr. and CC Sabathia are in London this week promoting the games for MLB. These will be the first MLB games ever played in Europe, and are an effort to help globalize the appeal of America's "pastime".