Friday, December 28, 2018

Jackie Bradley, Jr. Visits British Cricket Grounds On MLB Promotional Tour

(The Telegraph Photo)
Jackie Bradley, Jr. is really making the sporting rounds during his MLB promotional tour across the pond. Earlier in his visit to Britain, JBJ took in a soccer match at Anfield with another of John Henry's playthings—Liverpool's English Premier League franchise. Now, he has also visited Lord's Cricket Ground to check out the similarities between that sport and baseball. Bradley—along with CC Sabathia—is in England to promote the June match-up in London between the Sox and Evil Ones. Somewhat amazingly, both games are already completely sold out—amounting to over 100,000 tickets over the two-game set. Regarding the fierce American League East rivalry, JBJ stated, "We all have respect for one another because we know what it takes to get to where we are. Grinding through the minor leagues to get to the big leagues, it's hard. A brutal game. It will mess with you mentally and physically. So we have that appreciation and respect for them, but we are also competitors and we want to win. Whatever edge we can get over them (Yankees), we are going to do it and try to beat them. Honestly, what makes the Yankees games different is that it comes down to the tension. If we had the same amount of media (for other games) it would just be normal, but fans really get into it." Ya think?