Friday, December 14, 2018

London Calling!: Jackie Bradley, Jr. Appears On MLB Network This Morning

Red Sox center-fielder—and ALCS MVP—Jackie Bradley, Jr. called in to MLB Network this morning from London, England. Bradley is on a special mission for Major League Baseball—along with CC Sabathia—to promote next year's June match-up in London with The Bronx Embalmers. Asked whether the Brits are into baseball at all, JBJ joked, "I think for the most part cricket is what's on their minds, but, yes, they're excited about seeing the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees. And, we're excited to come here, too." He was also asked about the changes he made to his offensive approach in 2018. Bradley said, "I just worked on my swing path and how, mechanically, my swing needed to work in order to impact the baseball appropriately—and not just hit into the shift." With so much information available to players these days, JBJ feels that you need to "focus on individual things a little bit at a time—get one part of your game mastered and then add on to that." Finally, when asked to reflect on the 2018 World Series Championship season, Jackie stated, "We achieved what we set out to do from the first day of Spring Training. We knew we had a great team—but a lot of things have to go right to win it all. We played the game the right way, were a close-knit group, and we look forward to defending the championship." Damn straight, JBJ!