Tuesday, December 11, 2018

FewayNation Book Review—"The Story Of Baseball: In 100 Photographs"

Thanks to the fine folks at Press Box Publicity and Sports Illustrated, FenwayNation got the opportunity to review a spectacular new book: The Story Of Baseball: In 100 Photographs. If you need a perfect holiday gift for that insatiable baseball fan on your list, this might just be the right choice. You would think it was impossible to capture the grandeur and elegance of the greatest sport on Earth in just 100 images—but this book does it. From Ted Williams' immaculate left-handed swing to Lou Gehrig pausing at the microphone during his heart-wrenching "luckiest man" speech—this is a real keepsake. And this tome is not just your typical "coffee table" decoration—it's also chock-full of analysis and descriptive background for each photo. Where else can you get images of both Dwight Eisenhower and Fidel Castro interacting with the game we all love? Other greats of the game pictured in the book are: Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Hank Greenberg, Satchel Paige, Wade Boggs, Tommy John, Randy Johnson and Stan Musial. Baseball is nearing its 150th anniversary—there could be no better way to celebrate this milestone than owning this terrific book. You can order the book online HERE.