Wednesday, December 26, 2018

David Robertson Can Choose Among The Red Sox, Phillies, And Evil Ones

(Getty Images)
While this off-season has been characterized as a "reliever's market"—with a bevy of potential arms available through trade and free agency—one player seems to be in the catbird seat. Not only does David Robertson represent himself in contract negotiations, he is also being pursued by at least three teams: the Red Sox, Phillies and (his old club) The Bronx Embalmers. With Boston, Robertson could very well be the closer (assuming Craig Kimbrel's "return price" remains too high). Robertson has expressed an interest to finish-off games again—he did, after all, save 39 games for The Evil Ones in 2013. He clearly still has the "stuff" to close and that potential to be at the end of the bullpen might just be enough to entice him to the reigning World Series Champions. Said Robertson to Hall Of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons, "I’d like the chance to pitch at the end of games again. But I’ll pitch anywhere, anytime. That’s what I’ve always done. The last two years I’ve worked hard at making adjustments. I started using a two-seamer, developed a slider to go with my cutter and curveball, worked on changing my pace and holding runners. I thought it worked pretty well. That’s part of surviving—making changes, adapting to hitters and changes within the game." It's likely that things will start to perk up right after the first of the year—so look for Robertson to make a decision (unencumbered by any agent input) very soon.