Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yankee Owner Steinbrenner Isn't Too Pleased The 2018 Red Sox Won It All

Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner (we're not sure if he's the "Tweedle-Dumb" or "Tweedle-Dumber" of the family brood) says he's "pissed" that the Red Sox won it all in 2018. Isn't that special? Specifically, this was his take on Red Sox World Series Championship #9 in his discussion with the New York Post's Joel Sherman, "[it] certainly pisses me off. I never want a division rival to outdo us. I have no love for the Red Sox on the field or in the division." Guess what, Einstein, the feeling is mutual! Steinbrenner also seemed to indicate that—with today's singing of Brett Gardner—there is little room in The Bronx Embalmer outfield for the likes of free-agent Bryce Harper. Moreover, these comments by Steinbrenner also seem to rule out Manny "Spikes-High" Machado: "That kind of stuff [lack of hustle/dirty play], irregardless of who the player is, in any trade or free-agent acquisition, these are the questions we are asking. The analytics, the pro scouting are always talking temperament, personality, motivation, how good a teammate someone is, do they understand what is expected of them by the New York Yankees and by the fans of New York City. It does matter, and it will be no different this year." Hey, let's "piss him off" again in 2019, shall we?