Friday, November 9, 2018

Unfortunately, Sox Owner John Henry Is Not Selling His Foreign Soccer Team

After multiple rumors swirled recently, we had so much hope that John Henry would finally come to his senses and sell-off his foreign soccer team (Liverpool F.C.). However, it looks like the sale was just idle speculation. We have argued for years that the NOG (New Ownership Group) should jettison all sports ventures other than the Red Sox—and concentrate on winning even more championships here. Henry (in his typical 'commodities speculator' mode) bought Liverpool on the cheap ($477 million in 2010) and could now reportedly fetch in the neighborhood of $2 billion for the EPL franchise. But, no, Henry will continue to be distracted by his other team across the pond. Oh well, hopefully he'll still have enough cash to keep together the 2018 World Champs—and sign Mookie Betts long term. He had better.