Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ticket Prices For London's Sox-Yankee Series Will Require Queen's Ransom

MLB just announced ticket prices for next June's two-game set between the Red Sox and Yankees in London—and it might just require you to pawn some of the crown jewels. While some ticket prices seem reasonable ($38), we're sure they reside on a rooftop somewhere on the other side of the Thames. The really decent seats are going for anywhere between 320 and 385 pounds—$410 and $493 each. Outfield corner seats go for between 220 and 270 pounds—$282  and $346. If you desire to see the games in areas that resemble a street scene out of Dickens (second deck), that will run you between 30 and 170 pounds—$38 and $218. These "princely" sums are likely to dampen the demand across the pond for these games—let alone keep a lot of us colonists back home to watch them on TV. For perspective, the English Premier League's West Ham soccer club (that plays at the same Olympic Stadium) charges around 55 pounds (or $70) for category A EPL matches this season.