Thursday, November 1, 2018

Rest Easy, Nation: The Damaged 2018 World Series Trophy Has Been Fixed

(Getty Images)
Word has come out of the Red Sox front office that the 2018 World Series trophy—damaged when some moron hit it with a flying beer can—has already been fixed. Apparently, the damage was to some of the little flag pennants (representing the 30 MLB teams) that surround the trophy. Up to six "rocket scientists" in the parade crowd yesterday have been arrested for flinging the hops-filled missiles at various people in the DuckBoats—reportedly hitting Alex Cora's little daughter, Jason Varitek's wife and a Red Sox team photographer. Thankfully, none of the people struck were seriously hurt. A fan in the crowd, however, suffered a gash to the face from an errant beer can. Grow up, Boston—let's behave like we've been to a championship parade before (which obviously we have)!