Thursday, November 8, 2018

Bearers Of World Series Trophy Stop Off In Eastie For 'World-Class' Pizza

Last Saturday, on their way back from a World Series trophy tour of Puerto Rico (in manager Alex Cora’s hometown of Caguas), Red Sox honchos Tom Werner and Sam Kennedy needed a serious "Zassky Break". So, as they exited Logan Airport, they correctly decided that a logical place to stop would be Santarpio's Pizza in East Boston. Now, for those of your residing outside of Route 495: we Bostonians are sometimes legitimately divided as to where to get the best pizza in town—Santarpio's or Regina's in the North End. Your humble scribe happens to be a devotee of Regina's—but he has partaken of some glorious slices at Santarpio's as well. It's a win-win—like deciding between Godfather I and Godfather II—they're both equally great. In any event, both Santarpio's and Regina's are light-years better than anything you can get in Baghdad-On-The-Hudson. Anyway, while chowing down on Earth's greatest health food, the Sox brass let the employees pose with the World Series hardware. Anything we've criticized the NOG (New Ownership Group) for in the past is hereby absolved. Nice touch, Tom and Sam!