Monday, October 29, 2018

2018 Postseason Achievements Of J. D. Martinez Somewhat Overshadowed

(Getty Images)
With all the events of this tumultuous championship weekend, one big postseason achievement may have been lost in the shuffle. The heroics of Steve Pearce, David Price, Nathan Eovaldi and Joe Kelly kind of overshadowed the terrific playoff run of J.D. Maritnez. Over his 50 postseason at-bats, Martinez hit right at the .300 mark—with three home runs, two doubles, six runs scored and an OPS of .923. Moreover, he drove in fourteen runs—more than any other player in the postseason. That makes him just he sixth player in MLB history to lead the big leagues in RBIs in both the regular season and postseason. The list of the other players to achieve this lofty goal is pretty impressive: Jose Canseco (1988); Lou Gehrig (1928); Hank Aaron (1957); Duke Snider (1955); Hank Greenberg (1940). Congratulations, J.D.!