Sunday, October 28, 2018

Soon-To-Be-Yankee Machado Plays It Dirty Again, Steps On Pearce's Ankle

Once again—for at least the fourth time this postseason—Dodger shortstop Manny Machdo showed what a dirty player he truly is. We in Red Sox Nation have known this for a long time—with the multiple cheap shots in his tenure as an Oriole (most notably his take-out spiking of Dustin Pedroia). In Game Four, the soon-to-be Yankee clearly intentionally stepped on first-baseman Steve Pearce's ankle as he crossed the bag in the ninth inning (casually blowing a bubble while making a key out). Here is Machado's 'defense' of his action toward his 'almost best friend': "He was at my wedding; his daughter was my flower girl, It’s late in the year; our legs are giving out on us, and you’re just trying to get to first base as fast as possible. Sometimes, it just happens." Machado has already been fined once this postseason—why isn't MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred suspending the jerk for the rest of the World Series? One thing we do know: he'll fit well with the other jerks in the Bronx next year.