Thursday, October 4, 2018

Red Sox Will Have A 'Merry-Go-Round' In Infield During ALDS With Evil Ones

Red Sox manager Alex Cora announced an odd strategy for the upcoming ALDS series with The Bronx Embalmers. Boston will likely "rotate" a bevy of players through most infield spots and catcher—even within individual games. This is to take advantage of the deep and talented bench the Red Sox have—and provide the best match-ups against Pinstriped Poser pitching. While this is a little unorthodox, it does not rise to the stupidity of "opening" pitchers. It looks as if first base will be a rotation of Mitch Moreland, Steve Pearce and Brock Holt—with Pearce getting all starts against left-handed pitching. Second base will fluctuate between Holt and Ian Kinsler, while third-base will see Rafael Devers, Eduardo Nunez and Holt switch around with each other. At catcher (where Boston had the worst offensive production in the entire MLB in 2018), there will be a 'round-robin' of Sandy Leon, Blake Swihart and Christian Vazquez. It looks as if shortstop will (rightly) be the exclusive domain of Xander Bogaerts. In general, this sounds like a pretty good plan—since Boston will likely need all of its "bullets" to put down The Evil Ones.